Wesley Campbell

Wesley Campbell, a Nashville, TN native and current New Yorker,  is a 4 time U.S. National Medalist, 6 time Senior National Competitor, International Senior Level competitor and Junior World Team member. In 2013, after an emotional final National performance in Omaha, he decided to move forward into the professional realm of figure skating, in an attempt to discover new pathways and artistic opportunities within the sport. In 2013/2014, Wesley toured Europe and Asia and appearing in his first two professional productions as a principal pair and singles performer in  Willy Bietak’s “Ice Under the Big Top” and “Encore, An Ice Spectacular”, in association with Royal Caribbean.

This coming December, he will be performing on the cast of Bietak’s  “Broadway on Ice” in Muscat, Oman. Looking toward the future, his goals are to push the envelope creatively and athletically of skating, and hopes to be an active part of directing the sports transformation into a viable and respected form of art amongst its community in New York, and worldwide. Most recently, he was given the honor of working alongside Tim Murphy and Nathan Birch as a member of the inaugural cast of  “Men Skating”.

“This is an experience I will forever reference as ‘The Beginning’. A seed was planted this week that will, without question, yield an abundant crop of artistic growth within each individual involved, and with the group as a whole.”