Premiered November 6, 2014
Laurel, MD
Choreographed and directed by:
Nathan Birch and Tim Murphy.
Music composed by:
Michael Torke.
Ryan Bradley, Wesley Campbell, Jonathon Hunt,
John Kerr
, Shaun Rogers, and Rohene Ward.


Excerpt from Skate Guard – by Ryan Stevens:

I asked Nathan specifically about ‘Javelin’, a new piece created specifically for Men Skating. “The music, composed by Michael Torke, is surprising, percussive, strong and really American sounding in the way Bernstein helped define the genre. It is big, sweeping and contemporary, and when I was contemplating Men Skating, I thought the opening had to reflect these attributes.” At the time of this interview, Nathan, Tim and the skaters were set to begin rehearsals in a matter of days for today’s taping. Nathan expressed that “while things may change, I feel the dance is going to be about brotherhood. The six guys coming to Baltimore have all been friends for well over a decade, so they are a brotherhood already. This idea can be expanded to the larger community of male skaters. Each of us share a kinship, whether we turned out as gypsies, teachers or champions. Each of us share an understanding of what it was like growing up as a figure skater. It is an unspoken respect that requires nothing other than quiet acknowledgement. This bond – this brotherhood – is something we can all share equally without dogma, judgement, or fear. Technically, the dance will reflect the music. Percussive sections will feature quick short steps that will juxtapose with the more lyrical passages that cry out for long glides and extensions. There will also be jumps, spins, lifts and other physical pyrotechnics. None of these skaters have an arsenal of tricks that is half full. They of course wonʼt all go into this one piece, for reasons of balance, but beauty – paired with muscle – should serve ‘Javelin’ well. We first met Michael Torke in 1997 when he came to the final rehearsal of Timʼs ‘Bright Blue Skating’ (set to his piece ‘Bright Blue Music’) at The Kennedy Center. We were huge fans of his music long before we met the man we consider to be a friend today. He also came to my premier of his ‘Book Of Proverbs’ at The Columbia Festival Of The Arts, and Tim restaged ‘Bright Blue’ for The American Dance Festival. So this marks the 4th time we have used Michaelʼs glorious, optimistic, and emotional music.”